Machines, location, production processes, manufacturing expertise – there is no doubt that these are significant aspects of our business success. But the most important factor is people. A business is never better than its employees. When we talk about a team, these are not empty words. We don’t just pay lip service; it is our guiding principle. We can only tap into the gold hidden in the minds of our colleagues if we work together as equal partners and use each other’s skills to find the best solutions. Each of us knows what we have to do and the areas where a colleague has a greater level of expertise. In football we speak about a well-drilled team – a group of players who could pass to each other with their eyes closed because they are so familiar with the positions of their team mates.

The captains of our team

Mark Hoppe

Managing Director

Oleg Fritz

Workshop manager

Ase Petri


Angelika Hubrich


Quality control