All-inclusive service

Our all-inclusive package offers you a lot. Most importantly – it saves you time: you don’t need to look after the machine knives yourself, which gives you more time to concentrate on your core business tasks. We replace your used knives with new machine knives from our warehouse and dispose of any worn knives. You don’t need to deal with inventory and quantity checks: we take care of everything. Our cleaning facilities remove product adhesion and corrosion from your circular knives and straight knives. They are cleaned to a metallically bright standard and then perfectly ground with our precision tool grinding machines. We prepare your knife edges using a sophisticated grinding process closest to polishing, known as lapping removal, before adding a cutting edge protector. The result: your production process is more reliable and you reduce the risk of injury and damage. Our transportation partners deal with collecting and delivering the knives. Contact us to find out about the terms of an all-inclusive service agreement with HOPPESCHLIFF.