Straight knives

Straight knives are characterised by their small thickness and their particular length. Cutting tools that are also classified as flat knives have a straight or oblique cutting edge, Depending on the application, they incorporate slots, toothing or profiles. The diversity of the straight knives within the machine knife category is huge – and their applications are numerous. Anywhere in trade and industry where there is cutting, stripping, scraping, perforating, punching, shearing, splitting, veneering, cross-cutting, granulating or planing, there is a high chance that a straight knife will be used in the process.
Straight knives are commonly used in the following sectors:

01 / Automotive and aviation

Materials: Rubber, elastomers, aluminium, caoutchouc, plastic, textiles

Products: Tyres, rubber profiles, tubes , washers, air spring and drive systems, conveyer belts, surface materials, coverings and trims

Applications: Parting, splitting, finishing, tailoring, punching, shearing, drilling, sawing, milling

02 / Printing and packaging

Materials: Cardboard, paper, corrugated board, tin, aluminium, textiles

Products: Cartons, cardboard sleeves, adhesive and wrapping tapes, sanitary products, packaging rolls, print/writing paper, calendars, continuous forms, tin packaging and closures

Applications: Parting, splitting, shearing, finishing, scarping, tailoring, stripping, painting, milling, coating, grooving, perforating, packaging

03 / Recycling

Materials: Plastic, metal, wood, non-ferrous metal, foils

Products: Granulate, recyclable materials, reusables, composting

Applications: Crushing, granulating, shearing, chopping, shredding

04 / Metal and mechanical engineering

Materials: Metal, plastic, sheet metal, steel

Products: Machinery for cutting, portioning, skimming, finishing and slicing, components, drive systems, machine elements

Applications: Portioning, slicing, finishing, shearing, planing, stripping, granulating, sawing, milling, coating, drilling, punching, perforating, mounting

05 / Food

Materials: Grain, cocoa, cereals, marzipan, meat, fish, cheese, nuts, vegetables

Products: Cold cuts, muesli, bars, sausage, infant formula, baby food, powder, granulate, flakes, porridge

Applications: Portioning, slicing, finishing, planing, stripping, granulating, punching, perforating, packaging

06 / Textiles

Materials: Fabric, plastic, foils, fabric (panels), leather

Products: Surface materials, linings, fire protection, conveyor belts, flexible abrasives, patterns

Applications: Parting, splitting, finishing, tailoring, stripping, painting, punching, coating, perforating, drilling, packaging

07 / … and in many other sectors

These sectors are only a representative sample. The possible uses and application areas are innumerable. We can’t perform miracles. But if it’s possible, we can make it happen. From standard straight knives to complicated custom-made products. Just ask us. Use this form, call us or send us an e-mail:



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