Circular knives

Circular knives are characterised by their small thickness and the circular form that gives them their name. Also known as disc knives and round knives, they come under the category of machine knives. These knives are used in virtually every industry. Whether to granulate recyclables, portion sausage, split leather or cut muesli bars: it is hard to imagine any of these tasks without a circular knife.
They are commonly used in the following sectors:

01 / Automotive and aviation

Materials: Rubber, elastomers, aluminium, caoutchouc, plastic, textiles

Products: Tyres, rubber profiles, tubes , washers, air spring and drive systems, conveyor belts, surface materials, coverings and trims

Applications: Parting, splitting, finishing, tailoring, punching, shearing, drilling, sawing, milling

02 / Printing and packaging

Materials: Cardboard, paper, corrugated board, tin, aluminium, textiles

Products: Cartons, cardboard sleeves, adhesive and wrapping tapes, sanitary products, tin packaging and closures, packaging rolls, print/writing paper, calendars, continuous forms

Applications: Parting, splitting, shearing, finishing, scarping, tailoring, stripping, painting, milling, coating, grooving, perforating, packaging

03 / Recycling

Materials: Plastic, metal, wood, non-ferrous metal, foils

Products: Granulate, recyclable materials, reusables, composting

Applications: Crushing, granulating, shearing, chopping, shredding

04 / Metal and mechanical engineering

Materials: Metal, plastic, sheet metal, steel

Products: Machinery for cutting, portioning, skimming, finishing and slicing, components, drive systems, machine elements

Applications: Portioning, slicing, finishing, shearing, planing, stripping, granulating, sawing, milling, coating, drilling, punching, perforating, assembly

05 / Food industry

Materials: Grain, cocoa, cereals, marzipan, meat, fish, cheese, nuts, vegetables

Products: Cold cuts, muesli, bars, sausage, infant formula, baby food, powder, granulate, flakes, porridge

Applications: Portioning, slicing, finishing, planing, stripping, granulating, punching, perforating, packaging

06 / Textiles

Materials: Fabric, plastic, foils, fabric (panels), leather

Products: Surface materials, linings, fire protection, conveyer belts, flexible abrasives, patterns

Applications: Parting, splitting, finishing, tailoring, stripping, painting, punching, coating, perforating, drilling, packaging

07 / … and in many other sectors

These sectors are only a representative sample. There are innumerable additional possible uses and application areas. Some things are impossible. But if it’s possible, we will do it for you. From standard circular knives to sophisticated custom-made products. Just ask us. Use this form, call us or send us an e-mail:



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