Maximising profit is not an end in itself. We see the importance of maintaining a world that is worth living in. So HOPPESCHLIFF takes its responsibility towards society and the environment seriously. Over time we have implemented numerous measures to conserve finite environmental resources. The steps we have already taken to increase energy efficiency include a photovoltaic power plant with an output of 27 kWp, supply of all operational lighting with sustainable LED fixtures, windows with heat-insulating double glazing, replacing a reciprocating compressor with an economical screw compressor and switching from night storage heaters to more efficient infrared heating elements. We are currently planning the conversion of our warm-air heating system to a warm-water radiant ceiling heating system.

One of our social concerns is to promote sport. We have supported the sports association TSV Havelse based in the region of Hanover for many years in its outstanding work in the areas of football, tennis, table tennis, ballet and gymnastics, promoting activities to help young people reach their fullest potential.

Another issue close to our heart is the inclusion of refugees in our society. Social and linguistic assimilation is best achieved through integration in the labour market of the country providing refuge. In 2016, we took on a young man from Iran for a three-month orientation internship. He is now employed in a permanent position with us as an unskilled worker and we have come to depend on him – a genuine success story.

A selection of our customers

Cooperation partners

No man is an island. That goes for companies as well as people. So we work together with a range of trusted partners. They have supplied us with special and tool steels for our knives and cutting tools for many years and provide an important guarantee for the quality of our products.